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James helped clean my house from top to bottom, cleaning the kitchen, bathroom and living room.

  Emily and Daniel
James helped us get every penny of our bond back when moving house, he cleaned our oven, power washed our balcony and steam cleaned all the tiles in the bathroom so they looked like new.
when the estate agent visited at the end of our tenancy, the estate agent mentioned that the oven and the house looked better than when we moved in, James even replaced every light bulb in the house that had blown and the oven light bulb which we never even thought to do. He has a very keen eye for detail and doesn't miss a thing. 10/10
definitely, recommend and will use again.

James comes around weekly to clean the house.
he cleans around the kitchen, dusts the living room and hovers the house. it's safe to say James is very trustworthy and very professional.